Looking After You!

Take time to look after your physical and emotional well being and notice the difference in your life. Aim for  small changes gradually so that they become a way of life.....

  1. Eat a healthy and balanced diet, it really does make a difference to the way you feel.
  2. Get moving, find an activity you enjoy and do lots of it, walking, dancing, cycling, yoga, gardening .... the choice is endless.
  3. Sleep well, getting enough sleep is essential to our well being, aim for about 7-8 hrs with regular bed-times.
  4. Connect, make contact with friends and family, arrange to meet, get around to making that call or visit.
  5. Get interested, rediscover your hobbies or interests, or try new ones, engaging in activities we enjoy boosts our mood.
  6. Relax, make time for you, build a slot in your day when you don't 'have to do something'
  7. Be kind, helping a friend or family member or doing nice things for others can make us feel better.
  8. Be grateful , appreciating what we do have and counting our blessings helps us look more positively at the world
  9. Reduce alcohol, try to keep alcohol to very moderate levels, too much is harmful to both our emotional and physical well being
  10. Laugh, find the humour in every day life, watch a comedy or read a funny story, laughter is a wonderful medicine!