Flourish Counselling and Wellness

My name is Teresa Seymour. I have always been interested in people and what makes them who they are and the lives that they live. I know that life is not always how we might want it to be and that we can all benefit from help and support at these times.  I established Flourish Counselling and Wellness as my practice to offer accessible and welcoming counselling and well being support in the Cork area. If you choose to come to me for counselling or to attend one of my workshops, you will be  met with warmth and caring and know that you will be respected and welcomed without judgement.

My qualifications and professional background

I am a qualified counsellor and hold a Professional Diploma in Counselling from Cork Counselling Centre and Training Institute. It  is recognised by the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP), of which I am a fullyaccredited member. This means I work within their ethics and professional guidelines as a counsellor. I also hold a B.A in Psychology and Sociology and a Masters Degree in Training and Human Resource Development. In addition I have engaged in a variety of professional development and training in the areas of positive psychology,sexuality and sexual health, parenting, mindfulness, conflict resolution and mental well being, amongst others.

As well as being a practicing counsellor, I have worked in the area of health and well being for 25 years, both within the health services and in the community and voluntary sector.  I am an experienced facilitator and trainer in the areas of personal and professional development, mental well being, sexuality/ sexual health, and other health related areas. My previous work roles have also included family support, parent mentoring and crisis pregnancy care and early childhood care. I bring all of this together with the learning from my own life journey so far, to support me in my counselling role  with my clients

My counselling ethos and approach.

I am there to listen and to hear. I work with my clients using a person centred approach which means that I believe that, as a client, you know best when it comes to your own situation, difficulties and needs. You might require support to uncover this and the assistance to find your own answers, so I will help you where you need me to.

I also believe that how we think impacts on the way we view ourselves and others and also shapes our choices and our actions. We can sometimes have a positive and balanced way of thinking, but at other times much less so. Therefore challenging such thought processes when they are not helpful to us  can increase positive well being and a more fulfilling life. This is another approach I take if it is beneficial to the client. Counselling is always about working with you, the client, not pushing or pulling in any direction, it will always be your choice.